Whom are the services intended for? What types of services do we offer?

On the following lines, we will present the specialized supportive services (measures), assistance services and advanced services provided by the Centre.

Students may also use the special individual reading/computer room situated in the University Library.

Whom are the services of the Centre intended for?

Centre for Special Needs Students
  • applicants and students with sight impairments
  • applicants and students with hearing impairments
  • applicants and students with mobility impairments
  • applicants and students with a chronic disease
  • applicants and students with social communication disorders
  • applicants and students with specific learning disorders
  • applicants and students with autism spectrum disorder
  • applicants and students with psychic problems
  • applicants and students with combined impairments
  • applicants and students with other difficulties having impact on their academic performance

What types of services does the Centre provide?

Ikona vozíček


Time compensation

A longer period of time allowed for a particular study-related activity than is the standard duration of performance of the given task, which is specified according to the special needs of the students as well as according to the nature of the task.

Organizational services

Adjustments made within the studies concerning the place (e.g. physical accessibility of lecture rooms), time (e.g. alternate examination dates) and the manner (e.g. change to the composition of a study group) of fulfilment of the academic requirements.

Spatial orientation and mobility

Provision of safe orientation and mobility for the student; his/her autonomous and effective mobility on the premises where his/her studies take place or which are connected to his/her studies.

Overhead measures

Organizational meetings with students, with the academic and non-academic staff (e.g. individual curriculum proposals, proposals for technical and learning strategies).

Supplementary individual tuition

Serves as a supplementary activity to the usual mode of study for the purpose of equalizing the conditions linked to studies. This does not serve as compensation for the usual form of classes or for insufficient preparedness.

Processing of study literature

Provision (adaptation) of study-related literature in an accessible format, which takes into account the reduced ability of the student. You can view the list of digitized books in the catalogue of TBU Library.

Training of study and work strategies

In case of educational problems, this service which builds on the basic specific skills of the student (minimum competencies) may be used.

Equipment and facilities

These include technical aids and devices enabling students to surpass physical barriers, and technology equipment (adaptive aids, information technology – e.g. scanners, OCR technology, printers, etc.).

Ikona asistenční pes


Personal assistance

Services intended to compensate for physical limitations of the student regarding self-care and other physical activities related to studies or to activities, which form part of the educational programme (including accommodation and catering provided by TBU).

Study-related assistance

Services helping students transcend their limitations during classes, processing of study materials, research, working with the technology necessary for the fulfilment of academic requirements.

Interpreting service

Arranging communication between sign language speakers and spoken language speakers through a sign language interpreter.

Writing service

The result of this service is a record of the content in the form of study notes. The record shall be made by a person with an active knowledge of the recorded issues.

Transcription service

This service refers to a real-time transcription of communication (conversion of spoken language into a written format).

Ikona rozšiřující služby


Support in the area of foreign languages

We will provide individual remedial classes targeted at particular needs of the students within their study (mastering of grammar, listening, syntax or communication in a foreign language), including also tutorials, assistance with the preparation of a specialized thesis, etc.

Support for academic writing

Students may have their seminar paper, Bachelor’s thesis or Master’s thesis revised free of charge. The text proof reader will focus on grammatical errors, formal aspect of the text; he/she will highlight errors in the format/layout, etc.

Support for the arrangement of specialized internships

We will facilitate a specialized internship — the Centre seeks barrier-free premises, arranges the provision of a personal assistant or helpful approach of the staff with regard to the type of the student’s disability, etc.

Support for student mobility periods

In cooperation with TBU International Office, we ensure equal conditions for bilateral international mobility for special needs students. We help them select an appropriate university abroad (to balance the conditions of study with the individual student needs) and deal with the necessary formalities. We offer assistance services, barrier-free accommodation and other supportive services for incoming and outgoing disabled students.

Assistance with the arrangement of accommodation

Employees of the Centre will help you complete the request for the assignment of a room with barrier-free access or for other special conditions required within accommodation in the University Halls.


A mentor is available to support the student and help him/her deal with organizational study-related issues, mobility around the building, help him/her understand and use information systems, enrol on course units; he/she familiarizes the student with study regulations and with the rules of practice established at the relevant Faculty. This type of service is usually offered at the beginning of studies to facilitate the adaptation to a new environment.

Ikona studovna


Special individual reading/computer room situated in the University Library

In cooperation with our Centre, TBU Library has prepared for special needs students a special reading room equipped with compensatory aids and software which will facilitate their work with study materials. The reading room is equipped with two computers with special software and hardware. Each computer is connected to a table scanner enabling faster and easier scanning and the transformation of study-related and other documents. A table magnifying glass with a voice output communication aid is situated there.

Special needs students can use the reading room free of charge. The only thing they have to do is book the room for a particular date and time.