Prior to submission of application, applicants for studies at the University are offered tutorials for the purpose of discussing suitability of the selected degree course. Applicants may request an adjustment of the admission procedure requirements, within which their specific needs will be taken into account.

Adjustment of admission procedure requirements

Specific needs of those applicants who have submitted an electronic application form and who have requested respect for their special needs are taken into account during admission procedure. In addition to the e-application form, it is important to complete the Request for Adjustment of Application Procedure for Special Needs Applicant for Studies at TBU (PDF file), in which the applicant shall specify:

  • required information regarding his/her special needs,
  • type of disorder, the nature and the extent of the need to adjust the admission procedure,
  • certificate evidencing physical disability/disorder.

The request for adjustment of admission procedure must be sent, together will all the required documents, no later than the application deadline, to the address of the Centre.

The common types of adjustment which can be provided include:

  • more time allowed for work with texts (reading, writing, understanding),
  • more time allowed for the processing of a written/oral/practical exam,
  • substitution of a written exam with an oral exam or vice versa,
  • interpretation into sign language,
  • an assistant helping with text processing,
  • a personal assistant, suitable assignment format (increased font size, adjustment of text colour, electronic form, Braille texts),
  • use of special aids (optical or electronic magnifying glass, computer with voice output, Braille line, vocabularies, aids to facilitate text understanding),
  • barrier-free access to buildings and to lecture rooms.
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Guidelines for application submission


E-Application Form



Please note: In the section “Personal data” (step No. 6 in the guideline) under “Taking account of special needs” please select and tick the type of your disability: sight, hearing or mobility impairment, specific learning disorder, autism spectrum disorder or other difficulties (mental diseases, logopedic problems or somatic diseases).

In addition to the e-application form, please do not forget to complete the Request for Adjustment of Application Procedure for Special Needs Applicant for Studies at TBU.

If you are applying for studies at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications, please proceed as follows:

Detailed information about the admission procedure held at particular Faculties is available on the website of the relevant Faculty:

Faculty of Technology

Go to the Faculty website

Faculty of Applied Informatics

Go to the Faculty website

Faculty of Humanities

Go to the Faculty website

Faculty of Management and Economics

Go to the Faculty website

Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Go to the Faculty website

Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management

Go to the Faculty website

Entrance examination organized by SCIO

If you want to apply for studies at a Faculty which organizes the entrance examination in cooperation with the SCIO company, please proceed as follows:

  • In the application form available on the official website of SCIO, please tick the option saying that you are a special needs applicant.
  • If you would like to request an adjustment of the National Comparative Exam requirements, send a medical certificate issued by the relevant specialist and evidencing the type of disability by email to
  • Afterwards, you will receive an invitation that will include the location, date and time of the examination and other necessary information.

For more information please refer to the official website of the SCIO company.

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