Social Counselling Centre

Tomas Bata University in Zlín offers to all its students financial support in the form of scholarships.

Social Counselling Centre

Would you like to find out more about the types of scholarship you may apply for? At TBU, the following types of scholarship are provided:

  • need-based scholarship,
  • extraordinary scholarship,
  • merit scholarship,
  • accommodation scholarship,
  • research scholarship,
  • and scholarship awarded in cases deserving special consideration.

Need-based scholarship

Students who are entitled to child benefits may apply for need-based scholarship. If this is your case, you can submit a written application to the Student Affairs Office. In addition to the application for need-based scholarship, it is necessary to submit the written confirmation issued by the Social Security Office that has decided about the benefit to be paid. The size of a scholarship for one month corresponds to one fourth of the basic rate of the minimum monthly wage.
The scholarship is usually paid as a retrospective payment covering the past three months, in which the student qualified for the need-based scholarship.

Have you applied for a child benefit, but you are not eligible for it? Do you find yourself in a difficult life situation and you need help? Send an email to and we can jointly discuss possible support options.

Extraordinary scholarship

You can apply for extraordinary scholarship also if you find yourself in a difficult life situation which has a negative impact on your studies. You can also be rewarded for activities carried out to the benefit of the University (e.g. promotion of TBU). Would you like to participate in a study period or a traineeship period abroad, but the expenses are higher than you expected?

Send us an email (, call us (telephone: +420 576 032 265) or come to our Centre to discuss possible support options.

Merit scholarship

Merit scholarship is intended for the most hard-working full-time students who achieve outstanding academic performance. The application for merit scholarship shall be submitted after fulfilment of all the academic requirements for the past academic year to the Student Affairs Office. Each Faculty sets its own criteria for eligibility for the scholarship, e.g. what grades or weighted grade point average students must achieve in order to qualify for the scholarship.
For detailed information about specific requirements at your Faculty refer to the Dean’s Directive of the relevant Faculty or ask your student affair officer.

Accommodation scholarship

Are you a full-time student in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or doctoral programme? Do you study in this degree programme for the first time? If so, then apply for accommodation scholarship!
If your permanent place of residence is in the same district where the location of your study is situated, you are unfortunately not eligible for accommodation scholarship. Nevertheless, you can apply for scholarship awarded in cases deserving special consideration – you must meet the condition of the commuting time between your permanent place of residence and the location of study exceeding 50 minutes by public transport.

Research scholarship

Are you familiar with research, development and innovations? Have you participated in an interesting project? If so, then in addition to gaining experience you can also gain reward in the form of research scholarship!


Get in touch with us; we can jointly discuss your situation and we will help you find the most suitable solution.