Rules of the Centre

The Psychological Counselling Centre adheres to certain rules:

  • All services offered by the Centre are provided by highly qualified specialists and are provided free of charge.
  • You come to the Psychological Counselling Centre on a voluntary basis. A counsellor is an expert who expresses his/her expert opinion. It is for your consideration whether and to what extent you will follow his/her advice.
  • The counsellor shall always respect your free decision on the issue.
  • You have the opportunity to communicate with the counsellor anonymously. In this case, however, you will be subject to certain limitations arising from this need for anonymity.
  • You may arrange the date of your consultancy session by sending an email to or
  • By your presence in the counselling centre, you conclude an oral agreement with the counsellor for counselling services or for therapeutic assistance. You are entitled to change this agreement during cooperation with the Centre.
  • The duration of cooperation will be specified by the counsellor upon agreement with you and according to the gravity of your problem.
  • You are expected to take an active approach to and an active part in dealing with your problems.
  • The standard length of an individual session is 45–60 minutes.
  • The counsellor may refuse or terminate your cooperation, if he/she is unable to help you with respect to your problem. He/she shall recommend a different specialist or institution.
  • If you are unable to attend a previously arranged appointment, please notify the counsellor of your absence in advance by email.
  • If you fail to attend two consecutive arranged appointments without an excuse, the counsellor may terminate cooperation with you.
  • During your collaboration with the counselling centre, documentation is kept. The documentation includes a record sheet with your basic personal data (name and surname, contact details: telephone, e-mail, TBU Faculty) and the dates of particular sessions. The record taken during each session includes a brief description of the course of session and other recommendations. Each client is entitled to consult these records. For the purposes of counselling or therapeutic process, the counsellor may keep notes, which you are not allowed to view.
  • The documentation is protected from access by unauthorized persons and is kept for one year in the form of a printed document in a lockable cabinet, to which only the particular psychologist has access.
  • Counsellors are legally obliged to respect the civil rights to protect the personality of their clients. This means that they protect your anonymity and that they are not allowed to provide any information to a third party without your written consent. This consent is not necessary only if the information is needed and required by the courts, police and the authorities for social and legal protection of children, subject to legal conditions.
  • You can terminate the cooperation at any time without giving any reason (a notice sent by email is sufficient).
Psychological Counselling Centre
Psychological Counselling Centre